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Our Story

Milam Rental, LLC is a family owned and operated business. Jackie Milam and Krystal Milam Crenshaw opened Milam Rental in Sutherlin, Virginia in May 2022.  In April 2023 seeing a need to expand we purchased land in Danville, Virginia and a new facility is currenting being built.

The history of the Milam Family has over 40 years of experience with construction equipment. It all started with installing septic tank systems.  Years later moved to building highways for the states of Virginia and North Carolina out of the South Boston, VA office.  Several more years later Tommy Milam decided to open Milam Equipment Sales, Inc. and Milam Truck Sales, Inc. and the family started selling equipment and trucks in Sutherlin, VA.  In 2012, Eddie Milam opened Milam Equipment Rental, LLC in Leland, NC.  Now, Jackie and Krystal are renting equipment in Sutherlin, VA also.

From the beginning of building highways, Jackie was always involved with the business. She has always been a part of the business and worked side by side with her husband Tommy.  From leading the administrative staff, bidding jobs and holding the general contractor license for NC and VA when building highways.  She has been the behind the scenes person for all the businesses. 

Starting from a small girl - Krystal was a part of the business, from helping in the office to today, being the office manager for the businesses. For over 10 years Krystal worked beside her brother, Eddie with the rental business that is located in Leland, NC.   

After seeing a need for rental equipment in the Virginia area - Jackie and Krystal decided to open Milam Rental, LLC., offering a wide range of equipment which is listed on our web-site. 

Whether you are looking to rent, buy or sell equipment or trucks - Milam is the 1 stop shop.  We have several locations to serve you in Virginia and North Carolina. 

Milam Rental, LLC - 5190 South Boston Highway - Sutherlin, VA  24594

Phone: 434-334-2884

Opening Soon: Danville, VA Location

Milam Equipment Sales, Inc. - 5190 South Boston Highway - Sutherlin, VA  24594

Phone: 434-822-5691

Milam Truck Sales, Inc. - 5190 South Boston Highway - Sutherlin, VA 24594

Phone: 434-822-8793

Milam Equipment Rental, LLC - 10 Sloan Road - Leland, NC  28451

Phone: 910-447-4474

Opening Soon: Clayton, NC Location

See What Milam Has to Offer:

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